Swimming Officials Information

The page contains information for swimming officials. 

Swimming officials test
Below is an electronic copy of the swimming officials test.  The swimming officials test for this year is an open book test which you are to complete.  The test will not be graded however copy of the test with answers for the test is available after you have completed the test.  If there still are questions on any of the questions contact ccaaswim@ccaaswim.org . The officials test is required to be a CCAA certified official.  After taking the test send an email to ccaaswim@ccaaswim.org verifying you have finished the test completing your certification Any official that is currently UIL (High School) certified is also CCAA certified and does not have to take the officials test. 

2018 Officials Test    2018 Officials test with answers

Points of Emphasis of the 2018 season

For information on High School swimming and officials go to www.tisdo.org 

Contact list (update ).    Contact list for certified CCAA summer meet officials

Below are documents to help with specific procedures for running meets:
1. Starting commands procedure  help  (updated for whistle commands)
2. Judging a relay take-off
3. Help your timers to be effective timers
4. CCAA DQ slips for documenting disqualifications
4A. NFSH high school DQ slips - THIS ONE IS PREFERRED
5. Deck officials assignment sheet
6. Swim meet check list
7. Swim meet management