CCAA Coaches working documents for running your summer program.
USS swimmer release form for 2019
The form each swimmer's parent  is required to sign verifying that their children have not participated in the USS swimming or diving program in any way is available here.
Word version                 Acrobat reader version

Brief rules and procedures for the 2019 season
This is a short summary of the rules and any changes for the CCAA this summer.

Hy-Tek Program Help
This section contains information on setting up and using the Hy-Tek swim programs Team Manager and Meet Manager.  HELP    Instructions for using TM for electronic entries can be found here also.

Emailing a file
Instructions on how to email a file as an attachment.

Swimming Worksheets
Summer 2019 swimming worksheets are available for setting up your team entries for each of the season meets.  The sheets have each age group on a separate page.   Use these sheets to keep tract of each swimmers entries remembering each team has two entries per individual event, and one entry per relay event.  For Dual meets in a 6+ lane pool and Tri meets in an 8 lane pool, three entries per team is allowed if possible, however only the top two swimmers score.  Ribbons are per actual placing.   In all meets two relay teams can be entered in the relay events, however only one relay can score and ribbons are given per actual place.  This document is for Acrobat Reader.

Meet entry changes   If you need to make some changes the day of the meet, this file contains a form that is to be sued to make the changes.  Adding swimmers the day of the meet  is discouraged.  We need to discipline the swimmers families to communicate with the team so that this does not happen.

CCAA 3/10/2019