Coastal Cities Aquatic Association Safe Sport Guidelines and Rules


CCAA Swimming is committed to fostering a fun and a healthy safe sport environment for all its participants. We all must recognize that the safety of swimmers lies with all those involved in the sport and is not the sole responsibility of any one person at the local team or the CCAA organization level.

The following document give the Guidelines and Rules to be followed by all those involve in the CCAA program.

Coastal Cities Aquatic Association Safe Sport Packet

Coaches and volunteers (18 and over) who interact directly and frequently with athletes as a regular part of their duties must satisfactorily complete criminal background checks. The background check should be statewide for the state of Texas, and include a Sexual Offender check.  This does not apply to volunteers such as timers, marshals, computer operators, etc. who only have limited contact with athletes during a meet. The following acknowledgement form is to be completed by these Coaches and Volunteers.

Acknowledgement Form



April 6, 2017